Welcome to the community


The Bee Creative Community has been through many changes since its humble beginnings in local coffee shops and pubs and remains completely self-funded. Ever grateful for the support we have received from local independent businesses such as Two Little Magpies ,Rudyards Tea House, and The Doughmother over the past five years, it had its base at Middle Street Resource Centre in Beeston until the pandemic sent us into lockdown back in March 2020.

We return to meeting in September 2022, our aim to provide an opportunity for crafty people to get together over a cuppa, indulge in some mindful creativity and perhaps a little escape from the stresses of modern life. You can also get involved by joining our closed group on Facebook, you would be made to feel very welcome and supported through this challenging time.

Follow us on Facebook for regular updates and details of current projects you can get involved with.


“The way the group is run is fantastic, it really meets the needs of its members  .  .  .  it’s really impressive at how everyone is supported to find their way creatively.”


“I love learning from others and sharing new craft experiences together has been brilliant. We’ve had a tough year emotionally and the group offered us an opportunity to distract from reality and just be.”


“I’ve enjoyed arriving in the group at the time of making the quilt squares, Monday nights have given me space, time for reflections and exercising my mind.”

Our Buzzing Community

How to

Step one

Sketch and fill in your branches

Step two

When dry add your pink blossom

Step three

Carefully paint in the centres