Another beautiful week to enjoy the outdoors, and it’s not even properly summer yet! It’s been one of those weeks where I have been feeling truly fortunate to have my calm and mostly peaceful space to escape to. My favourite occupation in the garden has to be relaxing with a book, but it is also a great space for entertaining. Obviously we are not doing this at the moment, but this doesn’t stop me picturing a backyard full of happy people catching up and enjoying the warm summer evenings together. I am convinced it will happen again, in one form or another, so I have been resurrecting plans for adding some upcycled furniture.

On my rounds collecting the last few quilt squares for our community project, I spent a bit of time nosing around a couple of Beeston gardens (I know, this is becoming a bit of a habit). This wall of eye-catching mosaics reminded me that I once considered making myself a mosaic topped table. I follow a local mosaic artist and have often admired her style but I am also aware of how long it would take me to create a good sized table top! The header on Lily Mosaics Facebook page is similar to the sort of thing I would love to create, a riot of daisies in all the colours of nature! Not one for carefully co-ordinated colours, I like a bit of psychedelia in amongst the serene greens.

Meanwhile, another spark of inspiration just happened to land on my front doorstep on Friday. Two carrier bags of sari fabric that were destined for the charity shop before lockdown were offered to me by the parent of one of my ex-students. Remembering that I had a passion for recycling and that I lived close-by, she kindly wondered if I would be able to make good use of them. Now since closing down my little sewing business over two years ago I generally don’t accept donations of fabric anymore, directing them to someone that I think would appreciate them instead. However, something made me say ‘yes’ to this offer – and I am so glad that I did!

There are a few more pieces than the one than the ones in the picture above, but these are the ones I have chosen to keep. I think it would be greedy to keep them all, and there is someone that I know would really love to receive a gift of sari fabric, especially the one in silk. My favourite one is the cobalt blue, it reminds me of mediterranean seas and the next to the berry red fabric I am back in Marrakech. The lighter blue is very pretty with an embroidered design which matches the cream satin with the fabulous magenta fringe. I feel my selection fits well together and will provide me with more than enough fabric for exotic floor cushions as well as seat pads.

But I have thought for a while now, how a bright string of bunting overhead would transform the bare courtyard paving area into a shady courtyard. I don’t really like making bunting. I made some triangular bunting a long time ago and those sharp point are a bugger keep pressing out! So I did an Ecosia search for ‘rectangular’ bunting and discovered this beautiful set by Blueberry Park.  I like the fact that she has used a random mix of fabric and sizes, however I think I might make mine all the same size so that I can work from one template and speed up the process. It will definitely cheer up my back yard a treat!