If you follow the page you will notice that the Bee Creatives have been out and about in the community with some of their creative projects. Origami has been a firm favourite from the start, due to its portability and great way of recycling old books and magazines. I have loved working out and drawing the instructions for some of these projects and sharing them with other people. Last weekend we organised a Mind Crafternoon at one of our favourite local cafes The DoughMother and folded cute fuzzy bumble bees, adding stripes and eyes with marker pens which only made them cuter!

We also created this pretty door curtain using the hearts that customers had been making since February, after we left some instructions and paper behind for Valentine’s Day. Customers have also been having a go at folding the more complicated cranes, and some of these are now hanging gracefully from the ceiling – something else beautiful to look at as you wait patiently for your hot coffee and delicious cake to arrive. We feel the origami additions compliment Xulia’s relaxed décor style and fit in well with the vintage and upcycled objects dotted around the café space.

You might also recall that we have been producing some rather wonderful artwork this year. During print and painting sessions earlier in the year, I was prompted to use some of our donated frames to create a small collection of these works as I saw the potential to create our own little gallery. We have been slowly building on this, and now have at least half a dozen quality pictures that we can be proud of and put up on display somewhere. Up until now the opportunity hasn’t arisen but it might just have appeared! On top of this we have another painting session planned for this Monday.

Last year an enthusiastic newcomer to the group brought lots of ideas along with her, accompanied by donations from the charity shop that she was volunteering at, to use in future sessions. One of the things she left us with was a box full of frames. Having shared the first trio of pics with her in messenger, a little creative seed had been sown in Martha’s brain. She got in touch with me a few weeks ago with an idea to combine the frame donations with a little creative project at her current place of work. I met with her this weekend to catch up with Martha and discuss her idea in more detail.

Our beautiful artwork is finally going to take pride of place in a public display. I am quite excited about our collaboration, it’s the stuff that communities are built on. I really believe that together we can create something that showcases the group’s work and the talents they have been uncovering.

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