Monday 13th July

On Zoom

7:00pm – 8:30pm

As a continuation of last week’s Scrap Book Project from Thortify, this week we will be combining art with well-being and focusing on the Circle of Control.

‘All you need is a scrapbook / sketchbook / notebook, some form of art materials (anything will do!) and some time to dedicate towards your own personal development.’

‘The Circle of Control theory reminds us to focus on the things within our life that we can control or influence. Taking a moment to remind ourselves of the things we can control, helps us to deal with feelings of overwhelm, particularly during periods of crisis or anxiety.’

You do not need to share your thoughts with anyone in the group.

Obviously, if you prefer you can bring along your own project and just join us for a catch-up via Zoom 40 minute (possibly longer) live link to our lovely community group.

(Link and password on group page)

Remember how important creativity can be for our mental health at this challenging time but also to connect with people to maintain your well-being