It’s a bit early for me, but I think the twinkling lights in trees and windows that have been popping up along my cycle route to work have reawakened the festive spirit within. Growing up we didn’t talk about Christmas in our house until my little sister’s birthday had been celebrated, but that was yesterday and so it’s officially allowed now! We gave the van a good run out to Derbyshire to complete a doorstep present drop followed by a pavement visit to two excited little girls who were also starting to feel the magic. I am pretty sure that my sister appreciated the visitors just as much as the presents yesterday, although I was pretty chuffed to spot a print by Jackie of Treehuggery that was perfect for the occasion!

Browsing the fabulous creations of local makers over the past few weeks, I have been lucky to find some unique gifts that haven’t cost the earth. I love them even more because I know that in making a purchase from local independents I am supporting people in my community, rather than some faceless corporation that often exists for the purpose of ‘turnover and profits.’ I was really excited when I spied this beautifully decorated set of mini-drawers in my newsfeed! The creation of good friend and skilled lino printer Minifi, with twenty four little drawers, I knew they would make a sweet advent gift for my little nieces. I loved the rich teal colour and the striking gold leaf detail and knew it would be fun filling it with tasty treats and small surprises.

I got the idea of popping clues to what was in the last drawer (their present) and started to create a paper trail that would lead their inquisitive minds to the final prize. Pulling out one of the drawers I saw that Fiona had very kindly left a chocolate inside, though there wasn’t one in every drawer so I topped them up with a kaleidoscope of jelly beans and other such delicious treats. In amongst the confectionery are small pieces of card with a short message which get less cryptic as they get closer to the last one. I like to think that the girls will be patient enough to work through each of the twenty-four drawers until they reach then end, but they might not. Either way I thought it was a fun way to bring a bit of magic in the run up to Christmas.

Their actual present is far too big to fit in this origami box but the best clue is in there, if they can wait that long. I wonder if they will work it out..?

In any case, such a beautiful set of drawers will definitely be useful long after the drawers have been emptied, so it’s ticks my sustainable present box too. If they take out the drawers it would be the perfect ‘house’ for their mini pet toys. Can you guess what present they will be opening on Christmas Day?