What you will need

  • ‘Real’ or paper leaves for hanging
  • A stick or small branch
  • Scissors (and glue if you are using paper leaf shapes and sticking them back to back)
  • A needle and clear thread
  • Lay your leaves out on the table under the branch in the order you would like them to hang
  • Cut a length of clear thread and tie a generous knot at the bottom
  • Thread from the bottom leaf with a stitch at the top of the leaf
  • Go back over the same stitch to secure
  • Repeat until you have all your leaves on the thread
  • Tie a loop at the top of the thread to hang over your branch
  • Repeat until you have threaded up all of your leaves
  • Add the strings from the middle to allow for positioning of the top hanging thread
  • For balance, attach the top hanging thread when you have filled the middle third of the branch
  • Continue to add your strings of leaves to fill the branch
  • Leave space in between the strings so that the leaves can twirl

Hang your leaves in a window or above a radiator

and watch them as they appear to gently fall…

Watch the video here

and relax!