Well after hearing about how much I love my sewing machine in last week’s blog post, I have managed to keep the needle moving this week and have been busy using more of that superb sari material. A desire to both tie in that beautiful bunting to the rest of the garden and replace the tired old seat cushions, a legacy from the old house, I set to work making cushion covers out of the still voluminous piece of sky blue fabric. A colour that sings sunny days, I felt its non-shiny finish would suit seat cushions better that some of the satiny ones. I tried to make use of the decorative edging by incorporating it into the longer cushions,

I made new cushion inners for some of the cushions, as they were a bit past their best after many years of outdoor use. It was lucky that I didn’t get rid of ALL of the bags of stuffing, the remnants of the corner sofa we had at the old house – the majority of which was recycled into the upholstery in the camper van. A cloudy morning, it was the perfect opportunity to get into the sewing room and finish these this morning, while the clouds slowly dispersed to reveal an afternoon of sunshine. After planting out some more sunflower seedlings (the eggshell trick has worked so far!) I decided it was time to hang the bunting!

I love the mixture of bold and pastel colours together and am impressed that I managed to get the length pretty much spot on, as I am a bit of an ‘offer it up’ kind of creative! I measured the length I wanted with a piece of string first but noticed that the bias binding I used had stretched a bit as I sewed it – I forgot about that bit. I am planning to make a selection of larger floor cushions to scatter on the lawn for those afternoons where our designated number of people can come round for drinks and sit two metres apart. I think the berry red and the cobalt blue will be great colours against the jewel green grass, that is, when it’s recovered from being parched by a dry start to the spring.

As I look out my bedroom window, I feel I am gazing down on a courtyard that awaits a cafĂ© table, chairs and a tray of cocktails on a warm summer evening. It’s been so strange not seeing people in the way that we are used to, I have missed the gatherings we are used to organising at our home. I suppose the only consolation is that I now have a more interesting garden to hang out in this summer, and you never know, we might get some visitors someday soon…