Now we have got the worst of winter out of the way, it feels the right time for an update on the quilt project! We are still stitching away in the background, and beautiful squares like this trio from Julie, are appearing here and there. We have our sights set on creating something big enough to fill the great exhibition space at Beeston Library, so we have some way to go yet! As well as the squares to make the quilt we have ideas for other parts to the exhibition that will enhance its presence in the gallery.

I have really enjoyed seeing what people have created and talking to them about their influences and inspirations for the individual designs. Together they make a rather impressive collection already! I am pleased that I decided to choose three colours to offer as backgrounds to the designs, it meant that people could express their individuality a little more and has activated all kinds of ideas in their creative brains. The mix of images and slogans sit very well together too.

We have added a new element to the exhibition. We are hand stitching eight larger panels to accompany the quilt, they will attempt to encompass the essence of our quilt project starting with the main inspiration for the project – Threads of Life.  I have already begun work on the introduction to our exhibition and have prompted the group to think about something they would like to say. One contributor has also started to stitch her panel, containing memories of sewing with and for her children.

This weekend, spurred on by your generous donations on the Go Fund Me page, the application has been submitted. It is just a matter of waiting now, to see if we are successful! Once we know for sure the space we are filling, we can crack on with organising the photo shoot and putting the exhibition together. It’s amazing how one small idea can grow…