It’s already one month since Sherwood Art Week and I am not quite sure how that happened! Progress in the hive is slow as I am still struggling with my health and not sure when this will change. Adapting to this new pace of life is a challenge for a busy bee like me, but adapt I must. So taking each day as it comes, not overcommitting myself and being prepared to cancel plans is where I am at. As a consequence I am spending a lot of time at home, but this does mean I have ended up with more headspace and time, which is a definite bonus!  As the creative cogs turn and the ideas are being generated I am conscious of how I can make plans that suit this unpredictable low physical energy state.

Frustrated at not being able to get the Bee Creative sessions off the ground as planned in the spring, I have decided to run them at home for the time being. Although we are currently crane making, I have also plans for some rather excellent workshops that I am hoping to roll out over the summer! And to make the space in my rather neglected garden look that bit more inviting, I have been encouraged to repaint the outdoor furniture, tame the borders and put up some bunting. The keen eyed among you will recognise the strings of pretty semi-circles as the ones handmade and stitched by members of the group to replace the ugly hazard tape that Beeston Farmer’s Market were having to use due to Covid restrictions last spring and summer.

It was a lovely Thursday, sitting under the swaying bunting folding cranes with members old and new, it reminded me that it’s not about the space but the people in it. And this got me to thinking about other events that I could organise from home so that I didn’t have to travel and transport things anywhere else. So I am currently working out the logistics for a summer party, a craft fair and some other workshop ideas. If you can’t go to the party then bring the party to you, right? But before I get stuck in there is something really special that I have been planning for a while now, and might come as a bit of surprise to some of you – it’s actually why I originally wanted to decorate the garden.

These two tiny humans arrived on earth on the 7th July. They were a little earlier that anticipated but also long awaited, mum Louise is calling them her ‘miracle babies.’ We look forward to welcoming them to our community with a summer gathering soon I hope.

“The world is full of magic things,

patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

W.B. Yeats