In my last blog post back in January I was very clear about needing ‘time’ and I was dead right. Allowing 2022 year to unfurl gently before me has definitely been the right approach and gave me space to ruminate on a lot of things, particularly how and when to restart the Bee Creative face-to-face sessions. As the official start of spring appeared in sight, I felt the solution was coming, and I was right about that too. My current workload and other committments have made it difficult to dedicate time to regular weekly sessions, especially on a Monday evening, however I feel that the time is right to try and find an evening slot to start up a monthly session –  it’s a good starting point!

As the plans for Thortify gain momentum there is appears an obvious overlap with the ethos of Bee Creative and the self care focus of Thortify which will begin to bear fruit in the early summer. In the meantime we will have a strong online presence with both and will continue to observe how they compliment each other. What is particularly exciting is that now we have funding, we can make some online resources that we can send out for FREE and work is happening on the beginnings of these right now. Lauren has been occupied with creating a brand new shiny Thortify website, which will encompass all the elements and explain how you can access resources and get involved – launch day is fast approaching.

The Bee Creative Community group page will remain pretty much the same,with regular posting of ideas and inspiration, the celebration of each others work and any other general creative community niceness. There are plans to re-exhibit the postcard exhibition we put together last year and concepts for future exhibitions, also we welcome anyone who would like to run a one-off session or simply share ideas. It all feels very exciting all of a sudden and most certainly the right time to move things forward. We were so lucky that we could keep the community connected online and feel this has added to what the group was originally set up for. I would say there is also scope to run online sessions alongside the face-to-face sessions to widen access too.

There’s a famous disco tune by Parliament that goes something like ‘if it don’t fit, don’t force it, let it happen naturally,’ and although I am sure they were preoccupied with something a little saucier than a craft session in a Beeston community centre, those few words have been floating around in my head. I was born in the 70s; never left! Thank you to Claire, a few fruitful meet-ups happened back in September but we quickly realised that it was too soon. After the initial disappointment, we acknowledged that the time would come when everything would ‘fit’ and got on with our wintering until the moment was right. The spring equinox, the increasing daylight and sense of renewal make it feel like it is happening naturally, and the time is now.

Look out for the first session after Easter and also keep an eye out for news of our postcard exhibition. While we adapt to a new way of working, it will be fantastic to have the opportunity to meet up and create together again, without the pressure of expecting things to be just like they were before. We have adapted and grown as a community and I am pretty sure this will continue.

Bees n Love